Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition Empowers Next Generation of Innovators

Top high school students from around the world recognized for their innovative blue ocean business ideas

 April 26, 2024

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition is excited to announce the winners of the 2024 competition. With participation from 9,800 students from 161 countries and 48 US states in 2024, the world’s largest virtual entrepreneurship competition for high school students showcases the most innovative blue ocean ideas to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Global Awards

1st Place
Life Heat
Liam Pope-Lau
St. Michaels University School
2nd Place
Daniel Persky, Althea Sanchez, Laurent Irakarama, Llyanna Mercado & Everette Alhambra
Los Altos HS, Gateway Academy,
Rwanda Coding Academy, William Fremd HS & Everette Alhambra HS
3rd Place
Unofficial Wear
Lucy Mallard
Tamalpais High School

Regional Awards

North America

1st Place
Sara Jankovic, Alicia Zhu,
Ishana Kumar, Daniel Pantchev
Horace Greeley High School
2nd Place
Sasha Ovalle
Village Christian School
3rd Place
Cayden Pasion
Westview High School


1st Place
Fusion CoLiving
Nina Basta
2nd Place
Nicklas Bach, Jonas Løntoft
Herningsholm Erhvervsskole
3rd Place
Akos Vida & Peter Sifter
Kórösi Coma Sándor & Dunakeszi Miklós Gimnázium

Latin America

1st Place
Vicenzo Vecchio
Carmelo No1 David Bonjour HS
2nd Place
Luis Diaz
International School of Panama
3rd Place
Guilherme Neves, Julie Essoudry
Colegio Bandeirantes

Asia and Oceania

1st Place
Guanxi Wang
Experimental High School Beijing
2nd Place
Waste Fellows
Santusht Narula, Aryan Niranjan, Sanoj Nair, Adharsh Srinivasan
Raffles Institution
3rd Place
Raajvir Vijay
International School Bangalore, INDIA


1st Place
Godfrey Jr. Nembaware, Promise Mufari, Praise Singano, Patience Mungwari, Calvin Dube
STAR Leadership Academy
2nd Place
Simone Kamupinya, Faith Kwedyo, Tanaka Makoni, Nokutenda Dzobo, Nicole Phiri
Harare International School
3rd Place
Sensory Room Without Room
Rahma Wael, Basmala Khaled
Obour STEM School

Middle East

1st Place
Rome Olivier Farardo, Andrea Pabona, Lana Sveltana Stankovic
The Apple International School
2nd Place
Hala Ghamrawi
Al Isla High School
3rd Place
Abdul Raafay,
Lahore Grammar School

The World’s Largest Virtual Entrepreneurship Competition for High School Students

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition was founded in 2014 by Nicholas Benavides, a young budding high school entrepreneur inspired by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy and the blue ocean way of thinking with the mission to prepare high school students for the real world of entrepreneurship and empower them to create blue ocean businesses. The first edition of the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition in 2014 was at the county level, which then quickly expanded to state, and then the countrywide competition. Today it has become the largest and the most prestigious virtual entrepreneurship competition providing high school students an opportunity to compete at the global level. Participation is 100% free for all students.

Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurs Corp, the non-profit running the competition also recognizes and awards outstanding educators and schools for their significant contribution to preparing high school students for the real world of entrepreneurship.

Top 5 Schools with Most Submissions – 2024

Ward Melville
High School
New York, USA
29 Teams
South Brunswick High School
New Jersey, USA
29 Teams
Miami Palmetto Senior High School
Florida, USA
29 Teams
Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Tech
Virginia USA
16 Teams
University of Toronto Schools
12 Teams

School with Most Pitches that Made it to Top 100 – 2025

Dublin High School, California USA

Blue Ocean Teacher Champions – 2024

Khokon Mahmud
DPS STS School
Allwyn Bryner
International School
Tendai Magaya
Mattayom WatMai
Henrik Graversen
Erhvervsskole Gymnasier
Eric Sera
Munster HS Indiana
Sana Abdul Salam
Aga Khan School

Why the Competition matters

  • 75% of new jobs in our economy are created by entrepreneurs every year.

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition empowers students, as young as 15 years old, to get involved in solving new and pressing programs and start businesses that create new jobs.

  • 4 out 5 students can’t get a job when they graduate from college. Youth unemployment is three times higher than adult unemployment.

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition prepares high school students for the real world of global competition and empowers them to create jobs for themselves and others.

  • 72% of high school students have considered starting their own business, yet 62% are never offered a course in entrepreneurship.

High school students are our most underutilized creative resource – if we can successfully engage their talents, we’ll unlock innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

What’s unique about the competition?

 The competition challenges students to develop a 5-min pitch for a blue ocean business idea – one that stands apart from the competition; delivers innovative value at low cost; and produces win-win outcomes for everyone involved. It also encourages students to operationalize their blue ocean ideas into commercially viable businesses.

The competition gives high school students a chance to present their innovative business ideas, hone their pitching skills, earn cash prizes, and build resumes that stand out from the crowd when applying for college. Most of all, they learn how to create businesses that stand out from the competition, creating blue oceans of new market space.

Fosters a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes innovation and creativity

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition attracts the very best high school student entrepreneurs from all over the world. Participation is 100% free for all students, which levels the playing field and provides equal access to opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of their socioeconomic background or nationality.   

Democratizes access to a world-class education for high school students globally

The competition empowers students to think creatively and innovatively by providing them with Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks to develop their ideas. In just two years, over 4,400 high school students have taken the Blue Ocean Mini-Course, an online course covering Blue Ocean Strategy, which is taught at nearly 3,000 universities worldwide, including the top U.S. business schools. Free access to world-class education promotes equal educational opportunities and helps bridge the divide empowering youth to create businesses of tomorrow. 

The Blue Ocean Competition is a Blue Ocean in itself

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition effectively opened up a blue ocean of new market space in the world’s youth. Blue ocean strategy is the only leading business theory that penetrated high schools and offers a unique and innovative approach to promoting entrepreneurship among high school-aged students.

“As these high school students applied blue ocean strategies to develop solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our planet and society, they became better prepared to make a positive difference in the world that we live in.” Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD

The competition is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the State of Maryland, USA.


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