Submit Your Pitch

If you have not yet registered for the competition, please first visit the registration page by going to The Competition in the top menu and then selecting Register before you submit your pitch so we know who you are, your city, state, school, year of graduation and teammates (if any).  We need this  information.

If you submit a pitch without registering, you will not be considered for the competition.

If you have already registered, please remind us who you are by providing the same email address that you used to register for the competition so that we can tie you to your pitch submission. Then attach your video pitch below.

Please name the submission file name the same name as your product name.  This will ensure that we name it properly in YouTube.  Thank you.

Pitch submissions are due by Friday February 18, 2022 at 8:00pm Eastern time.  All individuals and teams that submit a pitch will receive a certificate of participation in the competition.

It is important to list the name of your product or company in the field below so that we can refer to it by name in the competition.

If you have any trouble using Safari to submit your pitch video, please try another browser (Chrome). Please submit your pitch presentation in English as either an mp4, qt, webm, mov, wmv or flv file. Please do not submit a zip file. ALSO, DO NOT SUBMIT A LINK TO YOUTUBE. The competition must have a file that we can load onto our YouTube channel. Files must be under 1 gigabyte.

At times, our servers may be overloaded as many students may be submitting video files simultaneously. Be patient. Please take a few extra seconds between the time the system says that your file is uploaded and when you hit the Submit button. If you get an error stating that you need to fill out all the fields, this means that the file is still uploading.


The submission window for the 2022 competition is now closed.