Become a Judge

Why Become a Judge

The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise in entrepreneurship and Blue Ocean Strategy with young high school students from diverse backgrounds and interests who want to make a positive impact in the world and on their upcoming careers. 

For 8 years, the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition has been an enriching experience for all of those who have participated. It provides an opportunity to get involved in a global event and network with a group of peers and academics interested in promoting entrepreneurship among youth. 

Interested in becoming a judge?

Who can be a Judge?

We are looking for judges who:

  • Have business or professional experience in a field related to entrepreneurship
  • Are executives or managers with decision-making authority
  • Are senior consultants or advisors well versed in Blue Ocean terminology

Judges will be required to:

  • Understand and analyze the details of the pitches
  • Evaluate the strength of the arguments and recommendations presented by the students.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment, open-mindedness, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Provide feedback including suggestions for improvement.

Interested in becoming a judge?