The 2024 Competition

Take Part in the World’s Biggest Virtual Entrepreneurship Competition for High School Students

Who Can Compete?

High school students anywhere in the world.

Any high school student from around the world can compete in this virtual competition. 

Sign up to compete solo as a mighty team of one, or invite a few friends to join you to compete together.

You can also nominate any high school entrepreneur you know so they can get a special invitation.

How to Participate

Register first so we can keep you informed on the competition!
Provide your best email address. If your school does not allow outside emails to go through, use your personal email. Otherwise, we may not have a way to contact you.
Watch the webinar (below) and complete the Blue Ocean mini-course to learn about Blue Ocean thinking.
Check out previous winners and pitches for inspiration.
Think of a real-world problem that no one has solved before and create a blue ocean business idea to solve it.
Use the provided templates to structure your pitch and record a five minute video.
Submit your pitch by February 18, 2024 at midnight in the time zone where you are located.
Get your friends, classmates and family to vote for your pitch for a chance to win the Popular Choice Award.
Get ready for Amazing Results!

How to Develop Your Blue Ocean Pitch and Win

Learn everything you need to know to participate and win in the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition!

Competition Timeline


Registration open

Register for the competition to receive helpful materials including the Blue Ocean Mini-Course to help you prepare for your pitch.

Any time

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar to learn all you need to know about the competition.

To be announced

Submission Deadline

Upload your blue ocean pitch before the deadline to stand a chance to win.

18 February 2024

Top 100 Blue Ocean Pitches

Find out who made it to the Top 100!

To be announced

Top 30 Pitches

Check out who made it to the top 30!

To be announced

Top 10 Pitches

Check out who made it to the top 10!

To be announced

Grand Finale!

Join us online for the live finale and see if you won the competition this year!

To be announced

Awards Sent Out!

We will contact winners individually for details on sending the awards.

To be announced

2024 Awards

1st Place


+ Sponsored Internship

2nd Place


3rd Place


People's Choice


(top pitch with the most likes on Youtube) 

Certificates for all winners.
**Certificate of Participation** is awarded to all participants who submit their pitch.
**Certificate of Outstanding Achievement** is awarded to Top 10 pitches.

2024 Awards for participating Schools

  • $1,000 to the school that has the most individual or team pitches that make the Top 25
  • $1,000 to the top 5 schools who bring in the most submissions
  • A 75″ OneScreen TouchScreen is awarded to the school that best champions the competition
  • **Certificate of Outstanding Achievement** is awarded to select Blue Ocean Teacher Champions
  • **Certificate of Recognition** is awarded to select schools for supporting student entrepreneurship and innovation

Competition Rules

  • All participants in the competition must be of high school age (14-18 years old at time or registration).
  • Participants can compete individually or as part of a team (maximum 5 students per team). 
  • All participants must register for the competition. If you’re working with a team, all team members must register for the competition.
  • The participants must complete the online Blue Ocean Mini-Course before submitting their pitch.
  • All pitches must be original and not copied from somewhere else.
  • All pitches must be in English.
  • Pitches should be video files and must be under 5 minutes in length. The files must be under 1 GB.
  • Upload your blue ocean pitch to YouTube with the hashtag #blueoceancompetition and include a link to the published video when submitting your entry on the pitch submission form.
  • Pitches received after the submission deadline (Feb 18, 2024, midnight) will not be accepted.
  • Top 100 pitches will be added to our YouTube channel once they are submitted.
  • Pitches must not violate laws or trademarks.
  • Blue Ocean Competition reserves the right to eliminate any pitch and/or disqualify any individual or team that it deems inappropriate or harmful to another team or the competition itself.
  • No derogatory comments should be made on other pitches once they are up on YouTube.
  • While there is no set format for pitches (voice-over animation or graphics or talking heads), we encourage you to use the templates provided to structure your pitch for increasing your chances of winning.
  • Use of Blue Ocean tools to describe your business idea is mandatory. Use the Strategy Canvas to describe the industry landscape, the Three Tiers of NonCustomers to describe your target market and the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid to describe your strategy.
  • Each pitch will be evaluated by multiple judges who will watch randomly assigned pitches. We will combine the scores and then rank all pitches. The top pitches in each round will move to the next round. You only submit once.
  • We start by choosing the Top 100 pitches. We then narrow the list down to the Top 25, then the Top 10 and then announce the winners.
  • Each round is approximately 1-2 weeks. So, once we announce winners from one round, it will take us one-two weeks to narrow the list again.
  • Judges will use the Scoring Criteria on our Resources page.
  • Once we get to the Top 25 Pitches, we will provide feedback on your pitch from the judges in that round.
  • The People’s Choice Award is chosen by a combination of YouTube likes and our own Judge likes. To be eligible, the pitch must be included in the Top 100 as chosen by the judges. You can have your friends and schoolmates “like” your video.
  • If you’re working with a team, submit only 1 video entry per team. You will be asked to enter your team members’ names on the pitch submission form.
  • Violation of any rule will result in disqualification.

Judging Criteria

Category | Score
Category | Score
Category | Score
Category | Score
Category | Score
Category | Score
Suggested tools to use
Blue Ocean Creativy & Value Innovation (20%)
Impact Potential (20%)
Technical Feasibility (20%)
Commercial Viability & Scalability (20%)
Quality of Presentation & Use of Blue Ocean Tools (20%)
Concept is a novel idea that achieves both differentiation and low cost to create a new market space where there is no competition.
Large market potential (+$1BN or impacts 100M people). Problem the concept solves is significant with a wide appeal and potential global impact.
No new technology is required, or the technology required to develop the concept already exists and is feasible.
Business model makes a compelling argument for commercial viability and scalability, with the potential of mass adoption.
The concept is clearly articulated using the appropriate blue ocean tools and frameworks; message is clear and compelling and presented with great interest and enthusiasm.
Similar core products/services exist. Concept has meaningful differentiation and somewhat lower cost structure as compared to competitors.
Sizeable market potential $100M or 50M people. Problem the concept solves is somewhat significant and common or significant and less common.
Technology required to develop the concept exists but possibly not at a feasible price point.
Business model makes a reasonable argument for commercial viability and scalability.
Message is reasonably clear and fairly compelling and presented with good interest and enthusiasm.
Similar core products/services exist. The concept has significant differentiation from the competition, but it does not achieve low cost.
Moderate market potential $50M or 10M people. Problem the concept solves is either significant for a small set of customers or less significant for a large set of users.
Some of the technology required to develop the concept exists but likely not at a feasible price point.
Business model seems commercially viable but scalability seems plausible.
Message is somewhat clear and compelling, good interest and enthusiasm, able to explain how product/service works at a high level.
Similar core products/services exist, and concept has minimal differentiation from the competition.
Limited market potential ($5M or less than 10M people). Problem the concept solves is not significant to users, or significant only to a small niche.
Little to none of the technology required to develop the concept exists.
Business model makes scalability seem unlikely.
Message is somewhat clear but not very compelling.
Concept provides no perceivable differentiation from competing products and services.
Low market potential. Less than $5M. Problem the concept solves is neither significant nor common.
Technology required to develop the concept is far-fetched or not feasible at all.
The concept does not seem commercially viable.
Message is unclear and the individual/group shows little enthusiasm. The individual/group is unable to explain how the product/service works in a way that's understandable by the judges.
Use Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid to show how your idea achieves differentiation and low cost simultaneously. Use Strategy Canvas to clearly show the competitive landscape and how your offering stands apart.
Use the Three Tiers of Noncustomers Framework and the Buyer Utlity Map to show the wide appeal of your offering.
Present research or facts to confirm the technical feasibility of your offering.
Provide profitability model, go-to-market plan or end-user feedback.

Judging Criteria

Got Questions?

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us with your questions. Our Student Executive Committee will be happy to answer them.

Give Yourself the Best Chance to Win

Take advantage of all the resources provided to make the best blue ocean pitch possible. Register for the competition and receive access to the online Blue Ocean Mini-Course to understand what blue ocean strategy is about, how to use the tools and frameworks, and how this competition is different from other pitch competitions.