Become a Blue Ocean Ambassador

Join the Blue Ocean Ambassador Program

Blue Ocean Ambassadors are a community of high-achieving students and young professionals who have a passion to propagate the mission of empowering high school students to change the world for the better through blue ocean thinking.

Our Ambassador program is open to all current high school students as well as previous participants and alumni of the competition.

Sign up today, receive your Ambassador kit, help spread the word about the Blue Ocean Competition and you could win exciting prizes.

Join the Blue Ocean Ambassador Program

Why Become a Blue Ocean Ambassador

Blue Ocean Ambassador program offers students a chance to grow their leadership and communication skills, and inspire other students to participate in the competition. You learn new skills, have fun, improve your CV, increase your employability and earn exciting prizes at the same time.

How to Earn Ambassador Points

Public Speaking
    • Speak to a classroom: 10 points each
    • Speak to an entire grade level: 20 points each
    • Speak at a school-wide assembly: 30 points each
    • Speak to a civic, community, or church group: 5 points each
Social Shares
    • Tweet official Competition Youtube videos: 3 points each
    • Post official Competition YouTube videos on Facebook: 3 points each
    • Join The Blue Ocean Competition Facebook page: 3 points
    • Post Competition logo on Instagram: 3 points
    • Encourage students to register for the competition: 2 points each confirmed registration
    • Refer students to become Blue Ocean Ambassadors: 2 points each confirmed Ambassador
Media Mentions
    • School newspaper or newsletter: 5 points each
    • Community newspaper: 10 points each
    • Community television or radio station: 10 points for each station
Use Your Creativity
    • Think of other creative ways to spread the word about Blue Ocean Competition and earn bonus Ambassador point

Alumni Can Also Become Blue Ocean Ambassadors

Are you an Alumnus of the competition who is eager to carry forward the blue ocean spirit beyond the competition? Join our Ambassador Program, earn Ambassador Points to gain prestige and win exciting prizes.

How do Alumni earn Blue Ocean Ambassador Points
In addition to all the ways listed above to earn Ambassador points, Alumni have the opportunity to stack up more Ambassador points by:

Supporting one another on your journeys to change the world for the better through blue ocean thinking.
Creating impact through sharing advice about your challenges, education, careers.
Acting as approachable, impartial body for student participants in the competition. Provide them with guidance and tips to improve the quality of their submissions.
Serving as a resource to support the operations of the competition, including volunteering for the event and, engaging with our sponsors.

Prizes/Awards for Blue Ocean Ambassadors

Blue Ocean Global Student Ambassador of the Year.
Blue Ocean Regional Student Ambassador of the Year (for each Country).
$100 Gift card for every 500 Ambassador Points earned.
The Official Certificated Blue Ocean Practical Introduction online course.
One-Year subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™, a creative workspace for developing blue ocean ideas.