No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it

The Blue Ocean student entrepreneurship competition is a virtual competition that draws the greatest high school aged entrepreneurs from all across the world.

In the year 2022 – 2023, 5209 participants from over 146 countries and 1700 schools took part in the competition.

Behind the success of this competition was a team of student executives who worked hard at each stage of the competition to take it to the next level.

This executive committee operates under the guidance of Dr. Zee Munir, executive director of the competition. She is in charge of establishing important strategic priorities, formulating operational objectives and plans, managing stakeholder relationships, keeping an eye on finances, and enlarging the innovation ecosystem to encompass technology, incubation, and venture capital.

Ishan Vanjara

Currently enrolled in college, Ishan Vanjara, a former participant from Plainsboro’s West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, was a crucial member of the student executive committee as the student leader. He worked on high school outreach and training within the executive committee for the year 2022-2023, as well as some of the new initiatives pointed out by him were YouTube alumni spotlight series and ‘Tip of the Day’ videos on Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition Instagram. He will be part of the executive committee as an alumni leader this year.

Shivani Dodamani

Shivani Dodamani, a former competitor from Texas High School who is currently a university student, was another crucial member in the competition. She oversaw the live webinars’ artistic direction, interacting with participants to motivate them to enter the competition and providing frequent competition updates. She planned webinars where former participants shared their stories and gave advice for prospective participants.

Nitika Chopra

Another significant addition to the committee was Nitika, a former participant from PKR India’23 who is currently enrolled in university. She was in charge of creating engaging and informative blogs. She spread the word about the competition on Pinterest. She will also be a part of the committee this year as an alumni member.

Andreea Alexandra Vasile

Last but not the least is Andreea Alexandra Vasile, of Teoretic Genesis College’25 Romania. She translated social media posts and also created a presentation in Romanian to spread the word about the competition in her community and in Europe.

Join the executive committee – email your interest to 

Register for the competition and get access to the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurs Mini-Course. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Blue Ocean Strategy, which is the leading strategy method in the business world today. After completing the course, you will be provided with a valuable certificate showing that you are trained in Blue Ocean concepts.

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