Project Description

An Interview with Spanish River High School Teacher Alain Bazile

Entrepreneur teacher

Alain Bazile

Spanish River High School

Boca Raton, FL

The Interview…

What relevant subject do you teach?

I teach Business Law, Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Business Leadership

What grades do you teach this subject to?

The majority is 11th & 12th with a few 10th in my Business Leadership class

What attracted you to this contest?

My kids love competition and anything that can get them recognition. It was free to compete and something they could easily compete in.

What did you hope to accomplish or have the students learn?

I hoped that my students would do well. These are things they can put on their resumes to separate them from the crowd. I also wanted them to have fun.

Why this contest and not another one?

My students compete in other business competitions but every competition isn’t for everybody. This was one where you could just be creative and express yourself.

How did you integrate this into your curriculum?

I gave this as an optional midterm project. It incorporates what we do. Not everyone feels comfortable being on camera or recording themselves, but I’m happy I had some kids put themselves out there.

Did you use any of the materials provided by the compeition?

Yes, I introduced it to the class and we went over it for a day.

Did the students have to show each other the pitches?

The students had to turn in their pitches to me. Some students shared with others so they could understand how to do it.

Did the students form teams or work independently?

Most of my students were independent.

How did you (or did you) work together with your students on this? Who did what?

I just gave feedback on ideas. The students ran with it. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about, right?

What was hard?

No it was not. The students did the work and had fun in the process

What was easy?

This is subjective. It depends on how much effort you put in. Not everyone feels comfortable recording themselves. But, they did it and I am proud of them

Were the students excited to participate?

Some more than others. I did have to coax them a little. That is why I made it a grading option.

Were the students more interested in developing their ideas or in having the school win the prize for participation?

I think it was 50% 50%. My kids like competition and winning.

Did you get any positive comments from students?

Yes, a vast majority of them liked the idea.

Do you know if the students used the content on our website?

I shared it with them, so yes

Do you use or teach the Blue Ocean concepts in your class room?

Not yet, but I will.

Did your school help in any way?

Our principle received your emails and shared the information with me.

Was there value to your school in your entering or will there be in winning?

Yes, we will use winnings to help fund other competition endeavors involving the Entrepreneurial Academy and DECA program.

What advice do you have for other teachers thinking about using the Blue Ocean Competition in their classes?

It’s a nice way for your kids to get involved w/o putting themselves out there too much. They can still feel comfortable.

What benefits did you derive from your students participating in the competition?

My students get to prepare for college, interviews, presentations, and work on what we do in class. Public speaking needs to be practiced. What better way to do so than The Blue Ocean Challenge.