Interviews with the 2022 Winners

Interviews with the 2021 Winners

Here’s what some past students have to say about the Blue Ocean Competition

“Everyone has the ability to think of ideas, but those who make their ideas a reality are true entrepreneurs. The Blue Ocean Challenge guides young people in their entrepreneurial path to forge a mark on the world through their innovative strategy.”

Janani Chandran Elumalai and Saloni Patel , Stanford Online High School - Redwood City, CA

“The Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneurship Competition motivates students of all backgrounds to discover new ideas of their own. This competition encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will allow them to succeed in every path of their future.”

Gurnoor Narula, Arshia Narula , Liberty High School - Frisco TX

“I believe the Blue Ocean is a competition that spurs innovation, individuality and fosters out of the box thinking. A must for all the creative and budding entrepreneurs out there.”

Soham Joshi, Columbus Academy HS ‘22

“The Blue Ocean Competition has been an amazing opportunity to fuel my desire to create my own business with one of my best friends. The competition has gained us attention and opened doors we never could have imagined.”

Jeremy Quinn, North County HS '17

“With top-notch competition from across the nation, students must push their creativity and business skills, which is something that everyone should be exposed to. Classes won’t teach you the knowledge or mindset that you’ll gain through participating in the Blue Ocean Competition.”

Timothy Chen, River Hill HS '15

“The collaboration, thorough research, and creative thinking required to do well in this competition all fostered highly sought-after skills in the business world. I highly recommend the Blue Ocean experience to anyone interested in business, not just to those who want to become entrepreneurs.”

Carmen Lau, North County HS '16

“The Blue Ocean Pitch Competition was a fantastic platform for us to not just get validation for our idea but also learn about many new innovative products and services created by other high school students like us from all over the country. Pitching our idea seemed daunting initially but we learnt how to do it effectively. The competition was an incredible learning opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs like us.”

Riya Gupta and Nishka Ayya, The Harker School - San Jose ‘19

“I would recommend all business-minded high school students to compete in the Blue Ocean Competition as you get to develop your own business plan and receive feedback from successful professionals. It is always a good idea to get a head start, and competing in the Blue Ocean Competition is an amazing opportunity to do that.”

Min An, Centennial HS '16

“The Blue Ocean Competition was a pivotal experience for me. The support of the Blue Ocean team, the quality and utility of the workshops on competition day, and the general vibe of enthusiasm and initiative showed me that my work can be relevant today – not just after I get a college degree and a job.”

Sandra Sandeep, North County HS ‘16

“The Blue Ocean Competition was one of the most intellectually challenging and rewarding experiences I had throughout the school year. By participating, you throw yourself straight into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, learning lessons that are not taught in any classroom.”

Ryan Bellissimo, St. Andrews School '16