Blue Ocean Competition Rules

Three is no charge for students or schools to participate.

Register first on our Registration Page so that we can keep you informed on the competition and find you later when you submit your pitch. Please use the exact same email address or cell phone number on the registration and submission form since that is how we uniquely identify you or your team.

If you ever opt-out of our communications, we will have no way to notify you of events or if you moved on or won.

Submit your pitch on our Submissions page by February 18, 2022 at 5:00 PM in the time zone where you are located. Pitches received after that will not be accepted.

Pitches should be video files (not YouTube links) and must be under 5 minutes in length. You really don’t want to be eliminated because you submitted a pitch that was too long.  The files must be under 1 gig.

All pitches must be in English.

Pitches will be added to our YouTube channel once they are submitted. After the competition ends, if you want us to remove your pitch, we will gladly do that (unless you are a winner, in which case we will not remove your pitch).

While there is no set format for pitches (voice over animation or graphics or talking heads), in order to increase your chances of winning, you should use as many Blue Ocean tools as possible (ERRC Grid, Strategy Canvas, Three Tiers of Non-Customers, Buyer utility Map…) . These tools can be found at

Each pitch will be evaluated by multiple judges (entrepreneurs) and will be randomly assigned to a YouTube playlist. We will combine the scores and then rank all pitches. The top pitches in each round from that playlist will move to the next round. You only submit once.

We start by choosing the Top 100 pitches. We then narrow the list down to the Top 25, then the Top 10 and then announce winners.

Each round is approximately 2 weeks. So, once we announce winners from one round, it will take us about two weeks to narrow the list again.

Judges will use the Rubric found on our Pitch Resources page.

Once we get to the Top 25 Pitches, we will provide feedback on your pitch from the judges in that round.  If time permits, we will provide feedback in the earlier rounds.

The People’s Choice Award is chosen by a combination of YouTube likes and our own Judge likes. To be eligible, the pitch must be included in the Top 100 as chosen by the judges. Participants who use bots or other means to drive up YouTube likes are immediately disqualified. Each year, at least 3-4 participants do this. Please don’t. You can have your friends and schoolmates “like” your video.

Pitches should contain nothing inappropriate (Blue Ocean Competition reserves the right to determine inappropriate content).

No derogatory comments should be made on other pitches once they are up on YouTube.

All participants in the competition must be of high school age (14-17 years old at time or registration)

All pitches must be original and not copied from somewhere else.

Pitches must not violate laws or trademarks.

Blue Ocean Competition reserves the right to eliminate any pitch and/or disqualify any individual or team that it deems inappropriate or harmful to another team or the competition itself.

Violation of any rule will disqualify you.