Blue Ocean Student Competition Announces Partnership With Foundry Educational Foundation

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF). Pitching ideas is not limited to software or other popular entrepreneurial topics but can also be applied to metalcasting. We are requesting your help in communicating this to interested high school students.

Many universities, like The University of Alabama, Penn State, Purdue and Michigan Tech have programs that specialize in this category and we will be promoting participants to these universities.

This partnership will result in the FEF funding an additional award this year ($1,000) to students who develop ideas in the metalcasting industry. Judging will be done be individuals who are experts in that industry.

Here are the details:

  • This is for high school students want to learn more about entrepreneurship and have an idea for a foundry specific pitch
  • They can win a $1,000 cash prize to be utilized any way they wish
  • Pitches will be judged by professionals in the foundry industry
  • Pitches are also eligible for the general prizes in the competition
  • This can help students with entrepreneurship, their college applications and their resumes in general
  • There are resources available form the Blue Ocean Competition about Blue Ocean concepts and how to pitch
  • All pitches are promoted on the competition’s YouTube channel

Potential pitch ideas could be:

  • Additive manufacturing and rapid subtractive manufacturing in metalcasting
  • Technology to aid metalcasting
  • Smart machines and manufacturing
  • Digital thread integration and implementation
  • Automation, robotics, ergonomics, and sustainability
  • Cost tracking and analysis
  • “Green” industry ideas