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Congratulations on being selected among the Top 100 teams for the best blue ocean pitch in the 2022-2023 Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition!

Being among the top 100 teams in the world is a remarkable achievement and we want to hear more about your journey and show your innovative ideas and the teams behind them to the world.

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How it works

  • Respond to the questions below via a video recording or written submission. For written submissions, incorporate your photo.
  • Answer at least 8 questions, or feel free to address them all!
  • You can submit the answers individually or as a team.
  • For video files or pdf files, fill out the form below and submit your responses. For Word doc files, please email us your submission at [email protected] .
  • At the end of your submission, provide a picture of yourself and/or your team and a quote for our website that we can use to encourage others to participate next year.


  1. Why did you enter the Blue Ocean Competition? What did you hope to accomplish or learn?
  2. Why this contest and not another one?  What appealed to you about this competition?
  3. How did you come up with your blue ocean idea?
  4. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
  5. Is this a real business that you plan on pursuing?
  6. What were your favorite take-aways from the Blue Ocean mini-course?
  7. How much time did you spend creating your pitch?
  8. Can you share a challenge your team faced while developing your idea and how you overcame it together?
  9. How did you learn about the competition?
  10. Did you have fun – what was the most enjoyable part?
  11. If you worked as a team, how did you put your team together?
  12. What unique strengths did each team member bring to the table, and how did you leverage these strengths to create your innovative pitch?
  13. Did your school or teacher encourage you or did you pursue this on your own?
  14. What did you learn by participating in the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition?
  15. What would you do differently if you could do it all again?  
  16. If you could give one piece of advice to future high school students aspiring to participate in the Blue Ocean Student Entrepreneur Competition, what would it be?
  17. How has your team’s understanding of the blue ocean strategy evolved throughout the competition, and how did it impact the development of your pitch?

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