Blue Ocean Competition

Smartly Blue Ocean Course

Learn Blue Ocean Strategy in a fun way and earn official Blue Ocean Strategy accreditation.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Network has provided a rare opportunity for high school students to earn an official blue ocean strategy certificate by completing the online Smartly Blue Ocean Strategy course. It is a great chance for high school students to stand out in college applications! Open to all high school students regardless of participation in the competition. Get started today!


Presentation Template

Not sure how to format and organize your pitch? Download our presentation template for some ideas!

Feel free to structure your pitch differently or make adjustments. After all, this is the Blue Ocean Competition, not the Red Ocean Competition! We encourage you to be creative and innovative in the way that you deliver your pitch to our judges! Just be sure that your presentation covers all of the topics that you are being evaluated on.


Design Thinking

Having trouble coming up with your concept to pitch? Try Design Thinking!

Design Thinking is a unique approach to problem-solving leveraged by many of today's top companies and startups. The design thinking process focuses on empathy - understanding the problem at hand as well as the target user. It takes an innovative approach to brainstorming that can deliver powerful insights to help solve complex problems. Stanford University's has some great free resources to help get you started!


What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

Want to learn a bit about Blue Ocean Strategy and don't have time for the Smartly course?

Check out this presentation developed by the Blue Ocean Strategy Network specifically high school students!



Here is how the competition will be scored.  There are four categories of scoring with weighted percentages for each category.  The judges will use this to score each presentation.

 Blue Ocean 2018 Rubric

Blue Ocean 2018 Rubric