In 2018, We Saw:


250+ Teams

noun_High School_1204562.png

90+ High Schools

noun_Idaho State_1039719.png

23 US States


6 Countries

1 National Competition Winner

Who Are We?

The Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition is the largest entrepreneurship competition in the United States run by and for high school students. Every year, teams pitch their innovative business concepts to experienced entrepreneurs and businesspeople, receive feedback on their ideas, join a community of like-minded students, and compete for thousands in cash prizes!


First Prize $1,000

Second Prize $750

Third Prize $500

People's Choice Award $750

$1,000 Prize to the top 3 schools who bring in the most submissions (minimum of 5)

Pitches should be 3 to 5 minutes in length.  If you are unsure about how to pitch or what to pitch, see the Content page on this site on how to do a pitch and also how the scoring will be done.  All pitches should be submitted by December 31, 2018.  Judges will begin evaluating pitches in January.  We will pick the top 20 submissions by February 11, the top 10 submissions by February 28 and announce the winners on March 15.   We will notify all entrants on the status of their pitches as judging is completed.

Video submission for this contest will be accepted beginning on Monday October 15, 2018.  There will be a submissions tab at the top of this website at that time.

We will also announce a People’s Choice Award ($750) winner on March 15. All pitches submitted ill be uploaded to our youtube channel "Blue Ocean Competition".  To win, simply receive the most “likes” on that channel.  Direct your friends and relatives to this page once submitted.

To learn how the scoring will be done by  the competition judges, please visit the Content Page of this website and see the "Rubric" section.  

Last year, we hosted our first national competition, boasting teams from 18 states and more than 80 high schools in the United States! This year, we are taking competition to the next level by strengthening our presence around the country and streamlining the competition process to make the program more accessible to busy students from coast to coast.