Our Team


  Utsa Santosh   Atholton ‘18

Utsa Santosh

Atholton ‘18

  Julie Wang   Centennial ‘18

Julie Wang

Centennial ‘18

  Anushka Srivastava   Lynbrook '18

Anushka Srivastava

Lynbrook '18

  Sidharth Rampally   Thomas Jefferson ‘18

Sidharth Rampally

Thomas Jefferson ‘18

  Andrew Dinh   Milpitas '19

Andrew Dinh

Milpitas '19



  Chaitanya Goyal   Folsom '18   

Chaitanya Goyal

Folsom '18


  Christine Kim   Leigh '18

Christine Kim

Leigh '18

  Mehul Raheja   American '19

Mehul Raheja

American '19

  Annie Pan   Lynbrook '19

Annie Pan

Lynbrook '19

  Soumya Adusumili   Lybrook '20

Soumya Adusumili

Lybrook '20

  Jeff Liu   Lynbrook '19

Jeff Liu

Lynbrook '19

  Arya Bhargav   Centennial '19

Arya Bhargav

Centennial '19

  Maxwell Yan   Poolesville '20

Maxwell Yan

Poolesville '20

  Nicholas Chestnut   W.T Woodson '18

Nicholas Chestnut

W.T Woodson '18

  Rohit Vepa   Centennial '18

Rohit Vepa

Centennial '18

  Nicole Attram   Centennial '19

Nicole Attram

Centennial '19

  Khushi Bhansali   Thomas S. Wootton '19

Khushi Bhansali

Thomas S. Wootton '19

  Jessica Wu   Atholton '20

Jessica Wu

Atholton '20

  Eshna Ghosh   Centennial '19

Eshna Ghosh

Centennial '19

  Hannah Ho   Thomas S. Wootton '19

Hannah Ho

Thomas S. Wootton '19

  Esther Li   Winston Churchill '18

Esther Li

Winston Churchill '18

  Christopher Chen   Centennial '19

Christopher Chen

Centennial '19

  Fayyez Zaidi   Centennial '18

Fayyez Zaidi

Centennial '18


Board of Directors


Nicholas Benavides

Stanford University '19

Founder and President


Nestor Benavides


Vice President

Brian Jordan

Co-Founder, Jordan & Jordan



Utsa Santosh

Atholton '18

Secretary & Student Representative

Professor Renee Mauborge

Co-Author, Blue Ocean Strategy and the New York Times Bestseller BLUE OCEAN SHIFT: Beyond Competing – Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth


Kristin Taylor

CTE Dept. Head, Centennial HS

Board Member

Paul Brooks

President, Brooks Financial

Board Member


Ted Dacko

CEO, Arbor Dakota

Executive Director